My first solo trip to Scotland

Ten years ago I flew to Glasgow on my own for a whirlwind solo trip. When I told my friends they were concerned for my safety. Years ago the city, like so many across the world, had a bad reputation and I think people always remember the worst things.

Anyway, I had an absolute ball and fell in love with this quirky, cool, fun city that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I ate out alone, I walked back to my hotel, I explored Glasgow via the city’s mural trail and I never felt uneasy. That’s unusual for me.

I then spent one month living in Glasgow whilst volunteering at the Commonwealth Games. I was staying in the city centre and I walked everywhere. Not once did I feel unsafe, even when my shifts finished late.

Woman stood infront of the Kelvingrove museum

Since moving to Scotland I’ve been on so many solo road trips. I’ve sat at tables in restaurants on my own with a book or my notepad writing down the days adventures. I’ve walked woodland trails and swam in lochs, leaving my belongings on dry land.

This summer I challenged myself to hike up Ben Vrackie on my own. I loved it.

I met a lady from the Netherlands who was also walking alone. We got chatting and I offered to walk up with her if she wanted the company. We talked about living in Perthshire, our jobs, wildlife here, the scenery, what snacks we had in our bags and everything in between.

That shared experience of summiting Ben Vrackie was different to any one that I’ve done with Jamie. We parted at the car park without exchanging details except first names (on the way up) and that was that.

That encounter would have been different if I’d been walking with others. But because I was on my own I stopped to chat (and catch my breath) and that made it special.

Solo adventure, hiking up Ben Vrackie in Perthshire

Open all year round

Scotland is beautiful all year round. I try and share so many of our year round adventures over my Instagram. Here’s a few of the seasonal photography opportunities you can have:

Spring. Full of the joys of new life. The rolling hills are vibrant green and the air is filled with the calls of new born lambs.

Summer. Long summer days with plenty of time for adventures. The further north you go, the more daylight you will enjoy. Late summer you’ll see the purple hues of the heather lining glens and river banks.

Autumn. I’m biased but you can’t beat Perthshire’s autumnal colours. Perfect reflections on the mirror-like loch water and the sound of bellowing stags. Maybe you’ll see some of the Atlantic salmon leaping up stream too.

Winter. Don’t discount a magical winter trip to Scotland. See reindeers in the Cairngorms and coorie in by the open fire as the night draws in. There’s also a chance you might see the mirrie dancers – Aurora Borealis. It’s my favourite season.

Night sky showing the aurora borealis

Why book a bespoke photography tour with us?

We offer a hassle-free travel experience with an enthusiastic, knowledgeable driver guide. Our photography tours welcome DSLR and smartphone photographers; there’s no gear snobbery here! Find Your Scotland photography tours allow you to take your eyes off the road and take in the stunning countryside.

Our itineraries are carefully crafted to ensure you get to see castles, wildlife, picturesque glens without being a box ticking exercise.

The tours we offer are all created with the aim of minimal impact on our environment. We offer photo opportunities away from the well trodden tourist trails. For each tour booked we will have a native tree planted somewhere in Perthshire.

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If you are looking for a new challenge as a solo traveller then I can highly recommend visiting Scotland. We welcome you with open arms and look forward to showing you around.

You can book your bespoke photography tour here.

Woman wearing outdoor clothing taking a photo with her phone of Scottish landscape

A quick side note: so, it should go without saying that I always take precautions when swimming alone and leaving my things etc. I don’t take unnecessary risks that could invite some unwanted attention. Also, rather controversially, I much prefer Glasgow over Edinburgh. That said, they are very different cities and offer something for everyone.

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