Here’s 5 reasons to do a photography tour in Perthshire

When we were looking for an area of Scotland to move to we struggled to pinpoint just one place. We finally decided Perthshire was right for us. It’s a smorgasbord of pretty market towns and villages, interlinked by woodlands and brought together by the silvery river Tay which runs through the whole county. We immediately knew with a plethora of hills to walk and cute independent businesses to discover we would never be bored.

As a photographer myself I never tire of the Perthshire landscape. Thanks to the Scottish weather it changes from one minute to the next and I love it. I know you will too. Here’s just 5 reasons to do a Perthshire photography tour with Find Your Scotland.

Mosiac statue in loch Earn near St Fillans, Perthshire, Scotland
Loch Earn

Find Your Scotland photography tours

  • A photography tour is a chance to meet like minded people. If you are on one of our tours, chances are you are interested in several things. Scotland and photography (obviously). Maybe wildlife, lichens, birds, trees etc. Who knows, you might even make new friends.
  • Every day is a school day. We can learn so much from being with fellow enthusiasts.
  • Let your guide take all the stress of driving unfamiliar, single track roads. We know the roads of Highland Perthshire well and although very scenic they should be driven with care. You can sit back and enjoy the dramatic backdrop.
  • There’s a high possibility that we shall take you places you may never had otherwise visited. Almost certainly along roads you won’t have chosen to drive along.
  • This is a chance to learn more about local history and the wildlife in the area. Perthshire is brimming with history, folklore and wildlife.

Whatever your reason for wanting to do a Perthshire photography tour we hope by booking with us you will discover your own reasons to come back soon.

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