For a long time now, photography has been my way of escaping. Occasionally getting away from those daily chores and all the life-stuff that weigh us down is important. We all deal with some kind of stress, grief or anxiety at some point and mindfulness photography sessions could be an excellent coping mechanism. Taking time to focus (pun intended) on just being present. One photo at a time.

How can photography help me?

In an era where almost every single one of us has access to some kind of camera. We take more photos than any other generation before us but how many of those evoke a true memory or feeling?

I’m also guilty of sometimes snapping away indiscriminately and ending up with thirty shots of the same thing. My phone is filled with landscape and portrait shots of the same vista, then the same again for video clips. Then the light changes, so I do it all over again. We want these mindfulness photography sessions to be the complete opposite to this.

Spending time in nature and using art are both invaluable tools for emotional wellness. These sessions are less about the end product of the image itself and more about the process.

So how can mindfulness photography sessions help? We start by turning all phones at least on to silent (but airplane mode would be better). Zero chance of any outside influences or distractions. No social media notifications, text messages asking what’s for dinner or emails offering 20% off at your favourite retailer. I’m sure this is will be an alien feeling at first but I promise you it’s really liberating.

We want to dial in to as many of our senses as we can. How many different birdsongs can you hear? Can you smell the sweet scent of bluebells in June? Feel the damp moss on the dead tree stump. Can you see the shiny trail left behind by a snail on the bark of a tree?

Without even knowing it, once you have tuned into your surroundings you will be more relaxed. Being present enhances our curiosity. Paying attention to texture, colour and perspective. Discovering how each subject matter makes us feel.

Paying attention to the smaller details in nature also sparked other interests for me. I love mosses, lichens and fungi. Capturing them close up helped me learn more too. I like to do some research at home online or look them up in a guidebook.

Mindfulness photography sessions in Perthshire

Our Perthshire locations will be filled with endless opportunities. Open spaces that offer a variety of interesting subject matter. The idea is to not wander too far and use our childlike curiosity to explore.

Here’s a brief outline of what to expect from these sessions:

  • These sessions are two hours long and allow the group enough time to settle into a state of mindfulness.
  • Group numbers will be kept to no more than six people.
  • You can use whichever camera you are more comfortable with.
  • Ensure your batteries are fully charged/space on your SD cards etc.
  • Hot drinks and a sweet treat included.
  • It is not a walk as such and could be quite chilly. Come prepared with plenty of layers.
  • Bring something to kneel/sit on if you want to get a different perspective for your images.
  • Each participant will receive a 30 day challenge sheet.

Book your session

Each session will cost £40 and payable when booking.

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